About Us

About Us

Phd. María Luisa de Moreno

Presidente & Fundadora

Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation

In the year 2000, Maria Luisa de Moreno Foundation was established in Colombia with the desire of serving and improving the quality of life for the most susceptible segments of the community.

It’s chairperson, María Luisa de Moreno, a native Colombian with over 30 years of social service, saw the opportunity of providing social assistance to the disadvantaged in her country.

In seeking the best way to serve her community, the Foundation was created to bring families together through the integration of educational programs that strengthen family values, life skills and professional capacities to help underdeveloped communities become a part of a more progressive society.

By the year 2007, after a successful record of accomplishments in Colombia, the Foundation took an unprecedented step and began María Luisa de Moreno International Foundation, Inc., “MLMIF” establishing it’s headquarter office in Davie, FL.

MLMIF focuses on collaborating with governmental services and other non-profit agencies that cater to the immigrant community regardless of their country of origin. We offer support through social programs that will give immigrants access to a higher education; so that they could obtain a better quality of life and ultimately become less dependant on governmental financial aid.